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A swimming pool or spa is an awesome addition to any home, but it does not come without the risk of accidents. There are many ways that a pool or spa can harm someone, from the equipment to the water itself. It may be because these necessary elements were added after the home was built, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not protect you from related injuries. This is why it might prove useful to look into a Pools & Spas Inspection when buying a home.

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Purchasing a home with a pool or spa can be exciting. It is important to remember that your new investment does require some upkeep and that in the case of needing repair or replacement, it may be costly. It is recommended you hire a licensed company to inspect the pools or spas on the property you are considering buying. A well-functioning pool or spa is not only enjoyable to use, but it is an aesthetic feature that adds to the enjoyment of your overall property.

However, once these items become damaged, it can be costly to repair or replace them. The following information will help you understand the costs associated with repairing or replacing a swimming pool or spa and common problems you should look for upon inspection. Every house is unique, and it’s important to have a knowledgeable inspector check the condition of your pool or spa before you buy or sell your home.

Pool inspection is very thorough and comprehensive

A pool or spa inspection can include an underwater pump, inspection of plumbing and equipment, visual evaluation of tile and shell, pH testing strips (pH levels for pools), and anything else that you want to be included. An inspector will also address any concerns you have with the pool or spa system. With the help of our years of combined experience in servicing swimming pools and spas, we can better serve the needs of our customers.

Although most companies only check for equipment malfunctions, we believe there is more to it than that. There can be hidden – and expensive – problems that will arise from improper pool/spa maintenance. Our detailed inspection offers you a clear understanding of the structural integrity of the pool and spa, along with its suitability for use or sale.


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Is your property worth what you think? Lets start with a free quote.

The inspection of your pool and spa system allows us to recommend appropriate repairs.

When it comes to looking after your family’s safety, you can’t risk an inspection from just anyone. You need to look for professionals who will provide you with a detailed report on all of the potential problems that require attention. Someone who will look for things like missing drain covers, loose hose fittings, and even corroded pipes.

A professional pool and spa inspection will uncover issues that could end up being very costly if not taken care of soon. Fortunately, with the help of Western States Inspection, you can get a detailed list of repairs that should be done. This way you can ensure that you are getting a full and accurate evaluation. Drain covers, filters, pump motor bearings, ozone system and heater elements, skimmer baskets, jets, drains, turbo nozzles/spray heads, and fountains have to be examined. Chemical levels must be in balance at all times with your water's PH levels. Faulty or worn-out parts in your pool and mechanical parts have to be checked for damage due to excessive rust or corrosion.

Other items you'll want to have checked include:

Review of the fencing, gates, and pool access.

Deck drainage and pool coping.

Pool body and surface.

Levelness of the pool.

Pool drains and anti-entrapment devices.

Slides, diving boards, pool ladders, spa, and pool covers.

Electrical equipment and lighting, ground fault circuit interrupters, conduit, and timer assemblies.

Condition of Equipment and Pool Operating Systems.

Safety features that meet local requirements check for the absence of child safe barriers.

Physical conditions of the pool structure, interior, materials and deck.

The gauge on the filter works properly.

Leaks in fountains, bubblers, laminar, deck jets, cascades, spouted, waterfalls, and grottos provide flowing liquid flourishes to any pool.

Structure and Materials- Plaster, Tile, Coping, and Decking.

Checking the Vinyl Liner in a Pool Inspection.

Pool Inspection Checks for Missing Coping.

Ensuring the tile is attached to the wall of the pool is important.

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