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Western States Inspection Authority provides expert mold inspections to people living in California. We deliver clear information and detailed visuals for anyone who needs help with mold problems, including property owners, tenants, buyers, sellers, insurance adjusters, and professionals.

Get Immediate Mold Testing, Mitigation Services, and Much More. If you suspect mold in your home, business, or rental property, we’ve got you covered. Our mold testing options are among the most affordable you’ll find anywhere in California—with a response time of less than 3 hours. If you need an inspection and remediation crew to show up the same day, our crews can do that as well. Same-day response guaranteed in effect for all service areas!

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What is Mold?

Mold can grow almost anywhere as long as there is moisture and a food source for the mold to feed on. Damp carpets, damp walls, leaky pipes, and poor ventilation are some of the things that can lead to mold growth. Molds reproduce by giving off spores that spread through your home or building. You might not even know it’s happening as molds thrive in darkness, quiet and cool environments. Indoors, molds spread readily from room to room in buildings through contaminated construction materials such as ceiling tiles, wallpaper, carpeting, insulation, and sheetrock. Using the right equipment and taking the right steps is important to reduce molds. Having mold in your home or business can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. You will need to have a professional test your home for mold and also provide you with recommended remediation options.

Mold is a type of fungus or a living organism that thrives in moist areas. Molds prefer mild temperature and humidity conditions. Anywhere there’s moisture, mold may thrive: air conditioners, attics, basements, bathrooms, cabinets, carpets, crawl spaces, damp areas, and, even more so, wet or flooded areas. However, when molds begin to grow indoors, it can mean that the moisture levels in your home are above normal. In most cases, indoor moisture is a result of a mechanical failure or inattentiveness on the part of homeowners. Mold can be hard to find behind walls, especially if it’s in areas with lots of air movement and/or high humidity. Mold can grow just about anywhere, but it loves humid areas. To find mold, look behind walls, under floors, and near where water damage is visible. Sometimes mold is hiding right in front of our eyes — and we don’t even know it. Mold is a type of fungus that grows uncontrollably in dark, warm, and humid areas. Certain areas in your home are prone to mold growth including the bathroom and kitchen. The growth of fungus can have severe health and safety consequences for you and your family.


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How Can Mold Be Dangerous?

Certain types of mold are common in homes and they’re not easy to spot. Before you know it, there is a whole colony growing by the wall. It’s really important to keep an eye out for it before issues develop and cause harm to your family.

Mold has a bad reputation for being toxic, and it is. The mold can grow in homes or outdoors and when it gets into the air, it can easily get breathed into the human body. Once inside, the mold attacks the nervous system and other critical organs causing severe illness. Mold indoors can cause many health conditions such as allergies. It also causes respiratory problems, fatigue, migraines, and indigestion. Mold can cause asthma attacks or more severe respiratory diseases such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 50 million Americans are exposed to harmful indoor mold every year. While some molds are only a nuisance and not harmful, some produce irritants called mycotoxins that invade your living space and cause chronic illness.

Inspection & Testing

Our inspection is to help you determine what may have caused the mold contamination, and how to best remediate the problem to decrease the possibility of occurrence. We will visually assess each area identified as having a potential mold issue, and discuss our findings with you. Mold inspection is a must when it comes to buying a house. Mold can be destructive to your health and the health of your family, so it is important to ensure that there aren’t any hidden mold problems in your prospective home. The mold investigator will come and perform a full investigation of possible sources of mold that may impact the health of the residents in the home. There have been cases where people have become sick due to breathing in mold spores, particularly those who suffer from allergies or asthma. The goal of Mold Testing is to collect sufficient samples for laboratory analysis, while at the same time preventing health problems or further deterioration of the building.

There are various steps involved in Mold Testing in homes:

Initial Consultation: An initial consultation is the first step in helping homeowners understand if they may be able to spread out the cost of remediation over time. To provide the best service to your clients, we need their thoughts and insight on the subject to determine the full extent of the damage and to create a plan for fixing it.

Visual Inspection: Visual inspection is an important component of the home inspection process. This is where the trained eyes of our home inspector take over. In many instances we are able to discover mold with only a visual inspection that helps to identify potential growth areas. 

Sampling: Once the mold is found, the next step is to detect its count. Sampling is key in determining the level of contamination. In most cases, the actual amount of microbes present can only be determined by sampling and testing.

Reporting and Recommendation: The report explains the moisture issue, mold content levels, and recommended steps for remediation. The results will help us in selecting remedies, strategies and materials, to help make the site free of mold growth.

Removal: Our certified technicians will handle mold removal with their extensive experience. We’ll eliminate any signs of mold and restore your home to pre-mold conditions.

Final Clearances: After a thorough inspection has been done, it’s time to begin the final clearance for the mold-free home process. This includes creating a positive pressure environment that sucks all of the contaminated air out of the occupied space, replacing this air with filtered fresh air, and then repeating this procedure every few hours for up to three days (depending on how severe the contamination is).

The type of services we offer to our clients:

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling is a method used to identify and count microorganisms presented on a surface. Surface sampling is a cost-effective way to determine if a building has been contaminated with indoor fungi or if the building has been adequately cleaned.

Air Sampling

Air sampling can help determine the fungal levels in your home. It is an adequate representation of airborne spores' exposure levels. Studies show that health effects are mostly related to the respiratory system.

Moisture Meters

A moisture meter is used for testing indoor humidity levels. This can help an inspector find mold or potential mold situations that may be a potential health risk to the homeowners.

Borescope Cameras

Borescope Cameras are a great way of seeing the areas which are hard to access. Borescope cameras can be used to determine the source of water damage created by a small leak or wet walls that will lead to the same deteriorated buildings and mold removal.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Infrared cameras are diagnostic tools used to identify problem areas and bring solutions that would help improve air quality. With an infrared camera, a property owner will be able to detect possibly hidden moisture and water leaks behind all walls and ceilings as well as hot spots in the floor, ceiling, corners, or roof.. Don’t let the hidden moisture in your home cause damage to the structure of your home and increase the repair costs. If you suspect you may have a leaky pipe, our infrared thermal imaging camera will find it quickly and easily.



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