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Home Warranty Inspections

When you buy a brand new home, the developer will sell you a home warranty on your new home. This type of warranty is designed to address the new homeowners concern of certain specific problems that have not arisen during your first year of living in the house. The home warranty will furnish coverage for such things as leaky roofs, faulty chimneys, and broken windows. Home warranties are something most people do not know.

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Don't let your home warranty expire before getting a full inspection.

There is a common misunderstanding about home warranties. Many people think that once the builder warranty expires, they don't need to repair their house. This simply isn't true. Home warranties were created as protection for both the new home buyer and the builder. The new home warranty covers the initial homeowner from common structural issues that can arise from bad construction and, in many cases, offers a one-year repair service guarantee. After this period, your builder will not be responsible for any of the problems in your home. Any future repair expenses will be your responsibility.


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Is your property worth what you think? Lets start with a free quote.

Don't let your home warranty expire before getting a full inspection.

Western States Inspection has been helping homeowners avoid expensive surprises after the 11th month of residing in your new home. We provide warranty inspection reports for HOA associations, realtors, investors, and other clients who are interested in providing their clients with a higher level of peace of mind. We however do not repair the existing problems in the house during the warranty inspection of your house. This means our builder’s liability inspector is well versed in finding just about any defect and will quickly identify even the most minor structural problems. We give a detailed report of the underlying issues identified in your home which can be then given to the builder. Once a home inspector inspects the property, a homeowner can then turn their report over to the builder for repairs based on the home warranty. This timely warranty inspection can save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind.

The areas that get inspected during a home warranty inspection are

Common Defect Findings Include:

  • Improper Roof Vent Installation
  • Missing Insulation
  • Leaking Plumbing
  • Loose Toilets
  • Missing Grout
  • Cracked/Damaged Shingles
  • Minor Cracks in the Stucco
  • Cabinet Damage
  • Appliance Damage


  • Inspect for broken, cracked, or missing glass panels. 
  • Check windows, doors, and for proper paint/caulk. 
  • Plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment/outlets are inspected in the initial home inspection.
  • Examine damage already done to a home's stucco.


  • Examine that the mechanism on garage doors is in good shape.   
  • Investigate wheel bearings, tracks and rails, and door rollers and hinges. 
  •  Check water staining, damaged walls/ceilings.


  • Scan tiles/grout for cracks or damages. 
  • Inspect cabinets and appliances for damage and functionality.
  • Examine walls, windows, outlets, floors, and ceilings for damage and functionality.
  • Check light and fan switches as you enter rooms.
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens.
  • Check tub drainage.
  • Inspect hot water functionality at all fixtures.
  • Examine underneath sinks and toilets for leaks in bathroom fans/vents.


  • Probe and survey damages of the A/C unit(s) and its Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning capacity.


  • Professionally check ground fault circuit interrupter and arc fault circuit interrupter.


  • Investigate for proper water pressure at all sinks/faucets.
  • Check for leaks at any visible plumbing areas.

Attic and Roof

  • Inspect insulation and roof leaks.
  • Check for damaged trusses and any onsite alterations.
  • Examine loose/missing/damaged shingles.
  • Inspect vents/penetrations for proper installation and flashings.

Foundation & Drainage

  • Check foundation and drains for any visible cracks.

We take about 2 to 3 hours to adequately inspect the new property. During this time the homeowners can discuss any queries related to the current condition of their house. Please contact us for further assistance with your warranty inspection and schedule an appointment for a  home inspection with us today.



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